Conflict with a colleague, superior, or subordinate at work is a common experience and mishandling conflict on the job can have serious consequences for one’s livelihood and well-being. Interpersonal issues and differences in work style can lead to increased stress and feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, and confusion about one’s job and employment goals. Often, work settings are not conducive to exploring the emotional toll and career questions conflicts may have on an individual’s emotional health, as well as on their ability to actively and effectively perform their required work responsibilities. At Sankofa Psychological Services, our clinicians work to understand the source and consequences that stressors at work environments can create.

Conflict in business are usually exacerbated by personality issues, meaning that the most difficult issues are the ones that “push your buttons” for some reason. Our staff utilizes interview and assessment techniques to help clients identify vulnerable areas and learn strategies to cope with stress. To better resolve conflicts at work, Sankofa therapists assist clients in implementing assertive negotiation skills, conflict resolution practices, and methods to diffuse conflict.