Ketamine Infusions with MATC

SPS KetaTherapy is pleased to announce that clients can obtain ketamine infusions for Treatment-Resistant Depression and PTSD through a collaboration with Midwest Alternative Treatment Clinic in our downtown Chicago office space.

Every visit includes collaborative, multidisciplinary care from the SPS KetaTherapy Team and the MATC Ketamine Infusion providers. 

How to enroll:

Clients can be enrolled in this dual service by calling Sankofa Psychological Services at 312-344-1081 and asking for Ketamine Collaboration.  Clients will be enrolled in both clinics. 

Insurance and Payments:

Mental health care treatments for each clinic will be covered by eligible insurance plans.  Clients may call SPS to inquire about their coverage and benefits.

Ketatherapy™ in conjunction with Infusion Treatment Clinics 

  • At SPS Ketamine Consultations, our mental health clinicians provide KetaTherapy™, the only mental health treatment specifically designed to work in conjunction with Ketamine treatments.
  • Our clinicians can support clients through the phases of Ketamine treatments, both intravenous and subcutaneous. In the initial phase of treatment, most patients will receive 6 infusions within a two week period. These treatments can be emotionally challenging. During your KetaTherapy™ sessions, we will prepare you to achieve a dissociative state during infusions to optimize the opportunity for neuronal rewiring and symptom reduction.
  • After the initial set of infusions, most people experience significant changes that include improved mood, higher stamina, reduced suicidal ideation, reduced anger or agitation, improved focus, and reduced flashbacks. While these changes all seem positive, most patients will admit that the sudden reduction in symptoms leaves a hole in their life.  People who have been living with symptoms for months, years, or even decades find that a surprising number of their life decisions have been shaped by their symptoms.  Because of this, many people who only receive infusions without the support of a ketamine-informed therapist relapse within months of Ketamine treatment.  KetaTherapy™ is designed to prevent relapse.
  • KetaTherapy™ not only helps clients maximize their symptom reduction in Ketamine infusions, it also supports clients to make meaningful changes to improve their lives.
  • KetaTherapy™ begins with weekly or biweekly therapy sessions, and follows the course of infusion treatments in both frequency and intensity.  After completing a course of infusion treatments, most people only need occasional KetaTherapy™ sessions.  Clients may continue to see their own therapist or couples counselor throughout KetaTherapy™.

KetaTherapy™ Pre-Treatment Consultation

  • If you or a loved one are considering Ketamine treatments, it is normal to have a lot of questions about the infusions, what to expect, and how to optimize your experience. With SPS Ketamine Consultations, partners, parents, and other support persons are welcome to join for part of the session.
  • You may have some fears about beginning treatment.  Many people are wary because they have tried a variety of medications and treatments before without lasting improvements.  For some, Ketamine infusions feel like a last resort. You may also be worried about the financial, emotional, and time investment.
  • SPS Ketamine Consultations designed our Pre-Treatment Consultation sessions to answer these questions, quell any unreasonable fears, and help you feel confident for your first infusion. Your consultation will last approximately 50 minutes, and most insurance plans reimburse for this service.  Our clinicians are familiar with the common responses and trajectories for symptoms, as well as ways to optimize your results.
  • What if you’ve already tried Ketamine?  It’s not too late to schedule your consultation.  Especially if you found your first ketamine experience to be unpleasant, or you were labeled a “non-responder,” our Pre-Treatment Consultation can identify pitfalls and help your treatment get back on track.
  • Contact our office to schedule a pre-treatment consultation: 312-344-1081

KetaTherapy™ Post-Infusion Consultation 

  • After experiencing the first few Ketamine treatments, clients often wonder if their experiences are normal. While everyone has varying individual experiences, many aspects of the experience are similar throughout. Some clients respond quickly to treatments while others may take more time. You may experience difficulty attaining a dissociative state while on Ketamine, which is a key aspect to improved psychological symptoms. A Post-Infusion Consultation can aid in helping clients explore ways to maximize Ketamine infusion experiences, and to maximize effectiveness in reducing clinical symptoms. If you find yourself having difficulty during or after your Ketamine infusions, a Post-Infusion Consultation can help. Our clinicians are knowledgeable about Ketamine treatments and the ways in which you can make the most out of this unique experience.
  • After a series of Ketamine infusions, most clients experience significant changes that include improved mood, and a generally higher capacity to deal with everyday challenges. While these changes often feel miraculous after years of psychological suffering, it can also leave space for difficulties navigating your environment from this new lens. Many Ketamine clients report feeling less depressed, but have difficulties navigating how to live without depression. While Ketamine helps to drastically lift your mood, the patterns that you’ve lived with in your day-to-day life often remain the same.  It can be difficult to move forward when old patterns become engrained. Ketamine Post-Infusion Consultations can help you find ways to adjust to life with reduced clinical symptoms.
  • Contact our office to schedule a Post-Infusion Consultation: 312-344-1081.

KetaTherapy™ Non-Responder Coaching 

  • A person’s responsiveness to Ketamine varies based on a number of factors. Some individuals respond quickly, while others take more time. It can be frustrating for individuals who spend significant amounts of money on treatments, yet have difficulty responding to Ketamine. At SPS Ketamine Consultations we offer individual coaching for individuals who have trouble responding to Ketamine. We can help you to explore your experiences on Ketamine to learn more about the ways in which you might be getting “stuck.” Non-responder coaching can help you to better respond to Ketamine, which will lead to positive long-term effects.
  • If you feel like a “non-responder” after Ketamine treatment, please contact our office to set up your initial appointment: 312-344-1081.

KetaTherapy™ Support Group

  • People often wonder if their Ketamine treatment experience is working the way it should.  After all, you’re investing significant energy and resources, taking time off work or other responsibilities, and undergoing quite an emotional experience.
  • KetaTherapy™ Groups provide a space for patients to explore common aspects of treatment, as well as hear about new experiences.  Group members learn from one another about what to expect, how to accept their experience, and ways to optimize their results.
  • Groups are available for individuals who are currently obtaining Ketamine infusion treatments, or who have recently completed a course of Ketamine treatment. As the effects of the medication often continue to produce results for several months after infusions are finished, it is helpful to have the support of others who have experienced this journey.
  • Groups are always open for new individual clients.
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted. The out of pocket fee for KetaTherapy™ Groups is $50 per session.
  • COMING SOON:  KetaTherapy™ Partners Group for spouses, partners, and significant others.