Ketatherapy is the only mental health service specifically designed to work with Ketamine infusions. We work with any and all existing infusion, mental, and/or medical providers. We provide collaborative consultation and coordination – so each member of your team can focus on what they do best. Our teams provides years of personal and professional experience – you cannot find anywhere else.


About Ketamine and Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine was approved for human use in the United States in 1970. It is an anesthetic, analgesic, and dissociative drug mainly used for sedation and pain control.
Ketamine is a non-addictive, Schedule III drug (other drugs in this category include testosterone and aspirin). For almost a decade it has been used to treat depression.
In major depression and mental illness, the NMDA cell receptor in a persons brain is over active due to chronic stress. Ketamine blocks this receptor causing rapid relief of depression and suicidal ideation in hours to a few days. This activates other pathways in the brain to repair and remap parts that have been altered by the stress of mental illness.

Conditions Ketamine Treats We provide a range of mental health services for individuals who are undergoing Ketamine infusions as treatment for Major Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder, Complex chronic trauma symptomology, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Functional Neurological Symptoms Disorder (Conversion Disorder), Bipolar Depression, Migraines, and Neuropathic pain.

Common Issues with Ketamine Infusions

  • Additional trauma or being labeled “non-reponsive” due to medical facilities lack of experience or understanding of profound psychological experiences 
  • Many clients are not prepared for altered states of consciousness and are unable to integrate these experiences into long lasting change
  • Lack of support, experience, and/or expertise for Ketamine within a client’s community, mental health and/or medical providers
  • Many clients do not have the time or money to engage with an experienced provider to combat these challenges and optimize results.

How We Can Help

Our clinicians have years of personal and professional experience navigating therapeutic Ketamine and can help clients:

  • Prepare for altered states
  • Troubleshoot issues that may lead to further trauma or non-responsiveness
  • Help integrate transformative ketamine experiences with current life circumstances
  • Leverage new insights and ketamine afterglow in order to sustain benefits 
  • Our services are 100%billable to insurance
  • We work in conjunction, and provide coordination with, your existing team of medical and mental health providers
  • Designed to prevent relapse
  • Already tried Ketamine?  If your first ketamine was unpleasant, or you were labeled a “non-responder,” our KetaTherapy team can troubleshoot and get treatment back on track.

A message from the founder of KetaTherapy, Jason LaHood: 

“I started receiving Ketamine infusions in 2018 after battling decades of untreatable depression. I reached a breaking point and had no other place to turn. Nothing was working. I started Ketamine infusion treatment and after one infusion I was no longer suicidal. After four treatments, I was in remission for the first time in my life. 

It soon became clear, however, that Ketamine infusions alone would alleviate symptoms but would not heal underlying issues. I set out to design a psychotherapy protocol to optimize the effects of Ketamine infusions for people suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and ‘psychache.’

The goal of KetaTherapy™ is to put ourselves out of business. We developed this therapy so people would need to get less infusion treatments while letting Ketamine do the heavy lifting. 

Ketamine infusion is the biggest breakthrough in psychotropic medicine in the past 35 years. With KetaTherapy, we help clients get the most value out of this treatment and find lasting results.
Jason LaHood
Founder of KetaTherapy



KetaTherapy Coaching

Short term (3-6 session) coaching and coordination of ketamine infusion services for clients receiving ketamine outside of Sankofa 

  • 1-2 preparation sessions – provides optimal set and setting by reducing anxiety and confusion, increasing ability to properly dissociation, set expectations, and tailor your unique experience
  • 1-2 sessions during infusion weeks – coordinate care between providers, provide reassurance for challenging sessions, troubleshoot issues that may cause non-responsiveness, capture insights
  • 1-2 integration sessions – leverage initial ketamine effects to solidify new insights, behaviors and coping strategies in order to sustain benefits

Ketatherapy Recovery Therapy

Long-term Ketamine-informed therapy

  • After the initial set of infusions, most people experience significant changes that include improved mood, higher stamina, reduced suicidal ideation, reduced anger or agitation, improved focus, and reduced flashbacks. While these changes all seem positive, most patients will admit that the sudden reduction in symptoms leaves a hole in their life.  People who have been living with symptoms for months, years, or even decades find that a surprising number of their life decisions have been shaped by their symptoms.  Because of this, many people who only receive infusions without the support of a ketamine-informed therapist relapse within months of Ketamine treatment.  KetaTherapy™ is designed to prevent relapse.
  • KetaTherapy™ not only helps clients maximize their symptom reduction in Ketamine infusions, it also supports clients to make meaningful changes to improve their lives.
  • KetaTherapy™ begins with weekly or biweekly therapy sessions, and follows the course of infusion treatments in both frequency and intensity.

KetaTherapy Groups

  • People often wonder if their Ketamine treatment experience is working the way it should.  After all, you’re investing significant energy and resources, taking time off work or other responsibilities, and undergoing quite an emotional experience.
  • KetaTherapy™ Groups provide a space for patients to explore common aspects of treatment, as well as hear about new experiences.  Group members learn from one another about what to expect, how to accept their experience, and ways to optimize their results.
  • Groups are available for individuals who are currently obtaining Ketamine infusion treatments, or who have recently completed a course of Ketamine treatment. As the effects of the medication often continue to produce results for several months after infusions are finished, it is helpful to have the support of others who have experienced this journey.
  • Groups are always open for new individual clients.
  • Most major insurance plans are accepted. The out of pocket fee for KetaTherapy™ Groups is $50 per session.
  • COMING SOON:  KetaTherapy™ Partners Group for spouses, partners, and significant others.

Meet Our Staff

Mary Ross-Newman, Psy.D.

Mary Ross-Newman, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist

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Ketamine Informed Provider Referrals

The following psychiatric practices do not provide Ketamine, but they have Ketamine informed providers who can manage other medications: 

Terra Firma Behavioral Health
Call 773-234-7621 

Adne Institute
Call 773-945-1165  

Clarity Clinic
Call 312-754-9404 

What to Expect

Preparing for your visit:

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Medications, Food, and Drink Clients should avoid lamotrigine (lamictal) the day of infusions and limit benzodiazipines, in consultation with their prescribing clinician. 


What is Ketamine? 
Ketamine is an anesthetic drug. It was approved in 1970 by the FDA as an anesthetic for humans and is frequently administered at high doses for surgeries. Used at lower doses, it is currently being researched as a treatment for chronic and severe Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, behavioral issues disorders, migraines, and chronic pain disorders. Research indicates that Ketamine treatments for psychological disorders is highly effective with minimal side effects.

What are Ketamine treatments like?
Ketamine treatments are administered by medical professionals in a safe, monitored space. Depending on the clinic you use, it is typical for you to receive approximately six Ketamine infusions within two weeks as a cycle. Then, you will receive maintenance Ketamine infusions as needed every month to several months after. Since Ketamine is administered at low doses for treatment of psychiatric disorders, individuals are awake during infusions. Many individuals describe the psychoactive effects of Ketamine as inducing hallucinations, similar to descriptions of “tripping.” Every person’s experiences on Ketamine are unique and can vary across infusions. Ketamine treatments last for approximately 45 minutes, and some individuals describe feeling groggy for a few hours afterwards.

Do you provide Ketamine infusions?

Yes, SPS has partnered with Midwest Alternative Treatment Clinic and we now provide infusions in a therapeutic, covid conscious setting.

What is KetaTherapy™?
KetaTherapy™ is the first and only mental health treatment specifically designed for use in conjunction with ketamine infusion treatments.  It includes individual and group therapy that can help you decide whether Ketamine is right for you and optimize treatment outcomes.  Most Ketamine clinics will tell you that 10-20% of patients are “non-responders.”  We, the creators of KetaTherapy™, believe that almost anyone can obtain significant symptom reductions with the right support.  We have seen so-called non-responders find relief from their symptoms, and responders find more meaningful change to improve their lives.

How is KetaTherapy™ different from other types of counseling or psychotherapy?
Most people seeking KetaTherapy™ have tried many types of therapies, medications, and other treatments in the past.  KetaTherapy™ is unique because it works specifically with the symptom-reducing qualities of Ketamine infusions.  While other types of therapies are redundant in their efforts to reduce symptoms, KetaTherapy™ optimizes the effects of Ketamine symptom reduction by teaching you how to effectively utilize the drug’s dissociative properties for symptom relief.  In addition, KetaTherapy™ trains clients how to adjust their lives and improve their relationships based on the meaningful psychological experiences they have in Ketamine treatment.

Where did KetaTherapy™ come from?
Unlike many treatments for chronic depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, or pain disorders, KetaTherapy™ is not based in a directive symptom reduction model (like CBT) or an insight-oriented model (like psychoanalysis).  Instead, KetaTherapy™’s roots come from existential philosophy and existential psychotherapy.  KetaTherapy™ was created by mental health professionals who have undergone the infusion treatments and supported loved ones battling severe mental health issues.  As a team, these clinicians realized the power of Ketamine to change symptoms of the brain, and designed a treatment to care for the self.

Am I a candidate for KetaTherapy™?
If you are undergoing Ketamine infusions for any psychiatric disorder, you are a candidate for KetaTherapy™.

I am having difficulty responding to Ketamine. What should I do?
 If you are having difficulty responding to Ketamine, a consultation session for non-responder coaching could help.  Please contact us for assistance.

I saw information about a support group. What’s that?
We offer weekly KetaTherapy™ Groups for individuals undergoing Ketamine infusions.  Groups are always open to new members. The KetaTherapy™ Group is a space where individuals are open to communicate their own experiences, support others in their experiences, and to ask questions. Undergoing Ketamine infusions is a unique experience that precedes many life changes. The support group is a great way to connect with others who have shared experiences as you move forward in your life with reduced clinical symptoms. Our group facilitators are knowledgeable about Ketamine treatments and the ways in which they impact people’s lives.

Do you take insurance?
We are paneled with several major insurances.  KetaTherapy™ sessions are a type of psychotherapy, which is a service covered by most major insurance plans.  If we do not accept your insurance, you can elect to use out-of-network benefits or explore out of pocket costs. For Out of Network plans, the fee for Pre-Treatment Consultation of $195 is due on the date of service. Our office will complete and submit Out of Network HCFA claims on your behalf for your insurance company to reimburse you directly.

What do our services cost out of pocket?
If you are not using in-network insurance, the following fees are due upon the date of service:
Pre-Treatment Consultation: $195
KetaTherapy™ Session: $175
KetaTherapy™ Group: $50
Phone calls, consultation to your other healthcare providers, and other contacts:  $50 per 15 minute increments
Phone calls and contacts under 15 minutes for returning clients: Complimentary

Research & Results 

Tracking Your Progress
  • What you remember from your “trip” is important. The most innocuous or ordinary memories tend to be the most impactful and important for recovery. 
  • When working through any trauma, you will feel worse before you feel better. 
  • After the initial six Ketamine infusions, it is recommended to receive maintenance infusions every 3-4 weeks while undergoing KetaTherapy™. 

Learn More & Contact Us

For more information about starting KetaTherapy™, contact our office at 312-344-1081.