New! Ketamine Infusions at SPS office location

SPS KetaTherapy is pleased to announce that clients can obtain ketamine infusions for Treatment-Resistant Depression and PTSD through a collaboration with Midwest Alternative Treatment Clinic in our downtown Chicago office space.

Every visit includes collaborative, multidisciplinary care from the SPS KetaTherapy Team and the MATC Ketamine Infusion providers. 

How to enroll:

Clients can be enrolled in this dual service by calling Sankofa Psychological Services at 312-344-1081 and asking for Ketamine Collaboration.  Clients will be enrolled in both clinics. 

Insurance and Payments:

Mental health care treatments for each clinic will be covered by eligible insurance plans.  Clients may call SPS to inquire about their coverage and benefits.


Introduction To KetaTherapy™ from Clinical Director Jason LaHood

SPS KetaTherapyTM is a service for individuals who are undergoing Ketamine infusion treatments at one of the many ketamine clinics available in the United States. SPS Ketamine Consultations is the exclusive provider of KetaTherapyTM, the only mental health treatment designed to work in conjunction with Ketamine infusion treatments for Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Behavioral Issues, Chronic Pain Disorders, and Migraines.

A message from our Clinical Director, Jason LaHood: 

“I started receiving Ketamine infusions in 2018 after battling decades of untreatable depression. I reached a breaking point and had no other place to turn. Nothing was working. I started Ketamine infusion treatment and after one infusion I was no longer suicidal. After four treatments, I was in remission for the first time in my life. 

It soon became clear, however, that Ketamine infusions alone would alleviate symptoms but would not heal underlying issues. I set out to design a psychotherapy protocol to optimize the effects of Ketamine infusions for people suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and ‘psychache.’

The goal of Ketatherapy™ is to put ourselves out of business. We developed this therapy so people would need to get less infusion treatments while letting Ketamine do the heavy lifting. 

Ketamine infusion is the biggest breakthrough in psychotropic medicine in the past 35 years. With KetaTherapy, we help clients get the most value out of this treatment and find lasting results.
Jason LaHood
Clinical Director

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For more information about starting KetaTherapy™, contact our office at 312-344-1081.