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The Full Circle Program

The Full Circle Program (FCP) at Sankofa Psychological Services is a unique child and family approach to treatment that includes parent meetings, child psychological counseling, and collaboration with all other willing caregivers, teachers, and service providers involved in the child’s system. FCP works closely with children and families struggling with externalizing behaviors, ADHD, and emotional dysregulation that impact the child’s functioning at home, school, and/or in the community.

The FCP Approach

The Full Circle team conceptualizes children from a family systems approach, utilizing features of cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, psychodynamic play therapy, and family therapy to improve behavioral outcomes.

FCP works with a limited number of families at a time to ensure the best quality of care and collaboration with other family members, care providers, and stakeholders in the child’s life.

The FCP Model

The Full Circle Program consists of the following levels:
Individual therapy with children
Parent consultation and parent training
High conflict coparenting coaching
Coordination of care in divorce/separation
Collaboration with other care providers and stakeholders

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    Why FCP?

    Very often, typical child counseling leaves parents, teachers, and other caregivers out of the equation. For children who are acting out, this lack of coordination opens the door for behavior to get worse, even when parents are trying to help.

    The Full Circle Program is a different approach that pulls together care providers and stakeholders to implement an individualized therapy plan for each child. FCP aims to coordinate the many parts of a child’s life to improve treatment outcomes, maintain school progress, and create greater harmony in family life.

    FCP Families

    The Full Circle Program is appropriate for those who are prepared to commit to making changes to see changes in behavior. FCP is best suited for families with children grades K-12 who have participated in previous treatment or been referred for school-based intervention programs without getting the results they wanted. Many of our families have children who have experienced frequent school disciplinary actions, custody conflicts, crises, emergency care, or hospitalizations,or children whose behaviors are escalating and may require a higher level of care.

    FCP Enrollment

    For enrollment in the Full Circle Program, families can request services or be referred by other service providers or professionalsin the child’s system. Types of referral sources are listed below.

    • Family members: Parents, guardians, grandparents, and stepparents
    • Service providers: psychiatrist, pediatrician, other therapy providers (e.g., speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc.)
    • Child-Involved Professionals: Principals, school teachers, or administrators; Judges, attorneys, child representatives, or guardians ad litem; caseworkers

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