Florence is a licensed master social worker with a diverse professional background. Crisis, doula, social justice, and psychedelic-assisted work has given Florence experience facilitating many folks through deep spiritual challenges and transitions. She is currently working towards her AASECT sex therapist certification.

Florence specializes in healing from sexual, complex and relationship trauma. She loves to give clients practical tools to empower their confident, vibrant and full expression – free from old patterns, identities, and trauma. ***Florence has celebrated with many of her clients as they finally enjoy vibrant sexuality, healthy intimacy, and stepping into their calling, passion-based careers. ***

She uses a very different approach from traditional talk therapy. Using, Acceptance and Integration Training (AAIT), to deliver quick results to complex problems, as well as sexological and spiritual approaches that acknowledge the mind, body, and spirit connection. Sessions with her are warm, active, and collaborative.

***Empower your best self to show up to your loved ones, your community, and your vision – so you can make the difference you are called to create. Together we can navigate your rite of passage, through all the pains and old wounds, to manifest your goals and dreams! ***