Eating disorders comprise a complex set of concerns characterized by disturbances in eating and body image with underlying psychological pain. Men and women with disordered eating may engage in a number of unhealthy eating and weight control habits that can become obsessive, compulsive, and quite dangerous. Disordered eating is rarely simply about food and weight: at the root of disordered eating may be issues of self-worth, depression, anxiety, interpersonal struggles, and societal and cultural pressures.

Recovery from disordered eating is possible. At Sankofa Psychological Services we provide outpatient treatment for eating disorders that involves collaboratively exploring your concerns, understanding and challenging your behaviors, and moving toward self-discovery and acceptance. Treatment often requires a coordinated approach in which your therapist will communicate with your dietitian and medical providers. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you might need more intensive treatment (Intensive Outpatient, Day, Residential or Inpatient) for which we can provide appropriate referrals. A telephone consultation or initial evaluation with our staff will help you make a decision that best fits your needs.