Personal growth occurs in different ways. Group psychotherapy is one medium to promote growth and change and enhance awareness. Psychotherapy groups provide a forum for one to enhance relationship skills, receive support from others struggling with similar concerns, and learn additional ways of considering and approaching life challenges. Common problems explored in Sankofa psychotherapy groups include, but are not limited to, social anxiety, trust and intimacy, feelings of isolation and loneliness, and struggling with finding meaning in life. Our psychotherapy groups are available to those interested in exploring and enhancing many aspects of their lives.

Therapy Groups Offered at Sankofa Psychological Services:

Co-Ed Process Group — In Progress

The co-ed psychotherapy group consists of four to eight group members who meet weekly to explore struggles, provide understanding and support, and gain insight and awareness into their struggles.

Explored topics include, but are not limited to:

• Here and now experiences
• Self-confidence
• Relationship building
• Interpersonal Awareness

KetaTherapy Group — Open

After experiencing the first few Ketamine treatments, patients often wonder about the experiences others have while undergoing the treatment. While everyone has varying individual experiences, many aspects of the experience are similar throughout. Some patients respond quickly to treatments while others take more time. Some patients experience difficulty attaining a dissociative state while on Ketamine, which is a key aspect to improved psychological symptoms. After-care can aid in helping patients explore ways to maximize Ketamine infusion experiences, and to maximize effectiveness in reducing clinical symptoms. If you find yourself having difficulty during or after your Ketamine infusions, after-care can help. Our clinicians are knowledgeable about Ketamine treatments and the ways in which you can maximize your experiences.

After a series of Ketamine infusions, most patients experience significant changes that include improved mood, and a generally higher capacity to “deal with life.” While these changes often feel miraculous after years of psychological suffering, it can also leave space for difficulties navigating your environment from this new lens. Many Ketamine patients report feeling less depressed, but have difficulties navigating how to live without depression. While Ketamine helps to drastically lift your mood, the patterns that you’ve lived with in your day-to-day life often remain the same. It can be difficult to move forward when old patterns become engrained. Ketamine aftercare can help you find ways to adjust to life with reduced clinical symptoms.

At Ketamine Consultations, we currently offer a support group for individuals who are undergoing Ketamine infusions. Our group is open to new members and meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 PM. During group sessions, individuals are welcome to share their experiences, seek support from others, and connect with individuals who have the shared experience of Ketamine to treat psychiatric disorders. We accept certain insurances for the group, or it costs $50 out of pocket per group.