At Sankofa, we believe everyone has the drive to move forward in life when they are connected with positive goals. In other words, the problem is not a lack of motivation, drive, or potential but difficulty accessing it.

The barriers to life goals can be related to many things; a learning disorder, problems with organization, reduced concentration, distractions, emotional issues, and dissonance between expectations and actions. Clients come to us when they are not meeting their stated goals for academic or career success. Families may initiate services when they are concerned about a family member’s stalled achievement. Academic and Career Motivation Training includes introspective talk therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, behavior planning, accountability practices, and values assessment among other things.

The common thread in all of these problems is not a lack of potential, however pressure to apply resources to goals that may not be congruent with what an individual or family values. Sankofa’s staff facilitates a process of personal exploration with clients and/or their families to access each client’s drive and apply it in a way that satisfies underlying needs for esteem, belonging, and living meaningful lives. Sometimes that means removing the impediments in the road or deciding on a new road map. Meaning is defined by the journey towards achievement, not the destination itself.